The price is including tax.
Children under 6 years old who can sleep with others are not counted.
Children under 10 years old are not allowed to stay in our dormitory. (except for renting out whole house)
We do not clean your room when you stay the same room.
Toilets, bathroom and sinks are shared.

Facilities in the room

  • air conditioning (Heat & Cool)
    air conditioning (Heat & Cool)
  • Wi-Fi Internet
    Wi-Fi Internet

Superior room with gardenBarrier-free

2〜3people 15,000円yen / night(extra 2,500yen will be charged for 3rd people)

This room is on the first floor and have private Japanese garden. From entrance to kitchen, toilet, shower room and this room is perfectly no barrier. There are 2 beds (one of these is an electric bed) in this room but 3 people can stay with extra bed (In this case we charge you extra 2,500yen) .Accessible toilet is located just out of this room.

Please see below illustration to know each dimension.→click

Superior room with garden①
Superior room with garden②
Superior room with garden③
Superior room with garden④

Twin room

1~2people 7,500yen / night

This Western Japanese room is wooden floor with Tatami beds. You will use Japanese Futon for sleep. Those who have a back ache or injured knee you can still enjoy Japanese room. You don't need to care about damaging Tatami mat with your suitcase but still you can enjoy feeling it by Tatami bed.

Twin room①
Twin room②
Twin room③
Twin room④

Single room

1people 5,000yen / night

Japanese room with 3 tatami mats. You will use Japanese Futon for sleep. Enjoy the space surrounding by mud and tatami with your favorite tea or books or whatever you like.

Single room①
Single room②
Single room③
Single room④

Small annex

1~2people 6,000yen / night

Small Japanese room with 3 tatami mats separate from the main building.

It is not huge but you can spend peaceful quiet time when you stay alone or you can totally relax in perfect private space when you stay with your friend.

Small annex①
Small annex②
Small annex③
Small annex④

Female dormitory room

capacity 4people 3,500yen / person

There are 2 bunk beds with private light and curtain. Ceiling and floor are made by wood so you can enjoy calm atmosphere.

Children under 10 years old are not allowed to stay in our dormitory. (except for renting out whole house)

Female dormitory room①
Female dormitory room②
Female dormitory room③
Female dormitory room④

Rent out whole house

up to 12people 50,000yen / night

You can rent out whole house (all rooms and facilities). There is a kitchen for guests so you can get fresh fruits or vegetable from market and cook by yourself.

Only when you rent out whole house we accept your request earlier than usual (usually we accept your request 4months before). Please ask if it’s available from contact.

Rent out whole house
Cancellation policy
Cancellation fee will be charged when you cancel within 1 week prior.
1 week to 4 days prior:20%、3 days to 1 day prior:50%、On the day:100%